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We have been on the air for two and a half years now. If you are an artist and have a new CD and would like some free airtime please email me:vbyashana@yahoo.com, or send your music to:


C/O Valerie Bilecki

1401 Olive Street

Saint Joseph, MO. 64503


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      We here at Audiodacity Radio have the audacity under one radio station to play the best of Classical music like: 'Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert' along side the best of Unclassifiable Music like: 'Spike Jones', the best of the Blues like: 'Billie Holliday and James Brown' next to the best of Experimental Music like: 'Pierre Henry', the best of Pop Music like: 'Little Anthony, Nat King Cole, or Johnny Mathis' played right after a song from the best of Jazz Music like: Wynton Marsalis or Weather Report', the best of Rock like: 'Moody Blues or Pink Floyd' played before one of the best  Modern Composers like: 'Philip Glass', or we might play some Folk Music by: 'Shawn Philips' right after the best of Electronic Music like: 'Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre.

          What we here at Audiodacity Radio consider the best may not have been in the top 40 or even commercially-correct music, but we believe it is best and we like it all.  All of what we put on Audiodacity is from our personal music collection, most of which is converted from LP Records to the MP3 format.  We have tried to clean them up as best as we can but there may still be some pops and crackles here and there.  We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do and hope you become a regular listener.

          So, if you have the audacity to enjoy a variety of music genres you might want to listen to Audiodacity.


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